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alpenglowe in fanmedley

[layouts] yet october

Layout Style: S2, Bloggish
Account types: Free, Paid, Plus

click on the thumbnail for a bigger screen shot.

Theme Bloggish: Porpoise
Custom CSS

select-all (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), then paste (CTRL+V)
Account Types Free, Paid, Plus
Page Setup 2 Column (sidebar on right)
Use layout's stylesheet(s) Yes
Screen Resolutions 1024x768 and larger
Tested in Browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer
Credit fanmedley or alpenglowe if ever you decide to use the layout. You could put something like "Layout by..." in your userinfo page or Link List: layout by <lj user="fanmedley">


Nice! I'm using it over by Insanejournal and it works pretty good; I've credited, of course.
i love it. using, credited. C:
Hurray! A layout not using images. ♥
Will credit when using *_____*
Will use and will credit the simpleness of co-Filipino =)
and crediting (:
thank you
Snagged it, thank you!!
maraming salamat. simple, pero ganda. credited you sa links.
Thank you for this really amazing layout. I'm using it over by Insane Journal. Looking forward to your other bloggish layouts.