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alpenglowe in fanmedley

[layouts] strawberry choco

Layout Style: S2, Clean and Simple
Account types: Free

click on the thumbnail for a bigger screen shot.

Theme Clean and Simple
Custom CSS

select-all (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), then paste (CTRL+V)
Account Types Free
(not tested in Plus)
Page Setup 2 Column (sidebar on left)
Use layout's stylesheet(s) No
Screen Resolutions 800x600 and larger
Tested in Browsers Firefox, Opera, Safari

*The header does not work properly in Internet Explorer 6
Credit fanmedley or alpenglowe if ever you decide to use the layout. You could put something like "Layout by..." in your userinfo page or Link List: layout by <lj user="fanmedley">


I love this!
Using! Thanks! =)
pretty! using it, thanks :)
i like this, adding to mems, will probably use later :D thanks.
thanks, i take it! :))
I'm adding this to memories and will use it later. Very pretty. (:
I used this. Thanks!
Fantastic, its a great shop front (;
I'm using this on my icon community at Insanejournal, DeeGroovy Icons

I love the colors. Have credited in the user info, and linked back here - thanks!

Edited at 2009-01-20 09:03 pm (UTC)