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alpenglowe in fanmedley

[layouts] rivers flowing into towns

Layout Style: S2, Flexible Squares
Account types: Free, Paid, Plus

click on the thumbnail for a bigger screen shot.

Theme Flexible Squares
Style Set "Background color of the entries" to #fff
Display: Wrap Entry text under userinfo
Custom CSS

select-all (CTRL+A), copy (CTRL+C), then paste (CTRL+V)
Account Types Free, Paid, Plus (Horizontal Placement)
Page Setup 2 Column (sidebar on left)
Use layout's stylesheet(s) Yes
Screen Resolutions 1024 x 768 and larger
Tested in Browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera
Credit fanmedley or alpenglowe if ever you decide to use the layout. You could put something like "Layout by..." in your userinfo page or Link List: layout by <lj user="fanmedley">


Just a heads up, the preview's not working for me!
Not sure if its just me, but your preview is giving me a 500 Internal Server Error.
Oops. Someone posted this (the error) already. Sorry! ^^;
I really like this layout (even though the thumbnail isn't working). Bookmarking to use at a later date. Thanks!
Sorry. It should be working now. :)
I'm using it right now, Thanks so much!
This looks great. Please tell me if this is not the place to post and if you do know where would be appropriate- I'm looking for something like what you've posted- I want to post my own picture across the top. On the side I'd like a place for links and tags. No calendar and the link for comments at the side of the entry near the top.
The sidebar can be easily modified/customized here.

For headers in Flexible Squares themes, in the .css, find .headerimage and add a background, indicating the width and height.

.headerimage {
background: url("http://URL/FILENAME.jpg");
width: 0px;
height: 0px;
I really loved this layout when you had it up! Taking now, thanks!
I really like this, I'm putting it up!
Great layout! Using and crediting. Thanks. =)
neat layout but it's too big for my 800x600 screen resolution D:
Snagged and credited. <3 Thanks!
I love the layout, I am using it now :)
love it! :D taking and credited. :)
My dear friend.:) I love your work. I might take this in the future.:)

How about the layout you promised me a year ago?:) haha. just kidding.xx
I love it and I'm going to use it.
Just wondering can it be put in the center instead of the side? if not thanks anyway I really love and I'm going to use it ...
I love the style and concept of this one...I'm just wondering if it'd be possible to have it centered? I'm not crazy about having all the expanse of blackness on one side only...

I love it!

thank you for sharing.
hii i took it and credited in my userinfo.
Late to the party, but I"ve happily snagged it. Will credit when used. :)
using. thanks
layout is wonderfull! take it and credit.
but i have a question: how to make entry title visible? in my journal and on friends page is not visible at all...
Oh yes, I have the same question too. Hmm...
This is a very lovely layout. Love it!
I'm saving it for later. And will credit when used. Thanks! :)