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alpenglowe in fanmedley

[banners] #010; friends-only

Three friends-only banners featuring my Wildfarm characters. :D

Please do not direct-link these banners.

Save the image and upload it on your own server/free image site like photobucket and credit alpenglowe or fanmedley. :)

001 - Owen, Munchkin, Zebra

002 - Munchkin

003 - Zebra (main); Owen+Munchkin in the background.


Hi! I love the first one. Saving it for now, may use it later :)
I adore these! They're so cute! I will be taking the first one and certainly crediting : )
I love the first and the last, but using the first for now (credit of course) ^^
Snagged all three and will credit you when I use. They are so cute!!
I love the first one! I love it so much in fact, that I am going to take it. I'll comment when I use it.
I loved them..i'm saving the first and the third one..
will credit when i use them!